Marshall Clayton Pridesaddle T. Prairiebrand

Mr. Prairiebrand lives and breathes Texas, carrying nine smoked briskets and a flask of panhandle air at all times in case his travels lead beyond the borders of his one true love. He would like you to know that, yes, his first name is Marshall, and no, he is not a deputized law-Texan. Underneath the smells of gunpowder, bullwhip leather, and straight-up whiskey, Marshall is a simple man who enjoys screaming at the night sky for thinking it’s anywhere near as big as the nation of Texas.

The T stand for Texas.

Sadie Turntable

Born in a thrift shop in Portland, Oregon, Sadie Turntable thought she’d never leave that hipster paradise. She woke up everyday and worked tirelessly to be the hippest hipster in all the land…but there was so much competition! Still, she tirelessly hand-whittled all of her housewares, wrote only in calligraphy, and learned to operate an original Gutenberg printing press. She even adopted a rescue pet, an iguana named CousCous. But when she heard they were building Portland’s trademark Voodoo Doughnuts in Austin, she had to come see the city that dared to rival her hometown as Hipster Capital of the Universe. Once here, her outrage turned to wonder and she realized Austin was the perfect city for her after all. Now she spends her time riding her vintage tricycle to farmer’s markets in search of organic produce and writing a series of morbid, Kafka-esque children’s books.

Amber Pennybacker

Amber’s online dating profile says she prefers a linebacker, but she’ll take a dime back, or really anything but Nickelback. She’s the Van Wilder of the University of Texas…a student who loves those longhorns so much she just can’t stand to leave (though she technically graduated back in 2005). Her UT claim to fame is that she’s a distant cousin of one Jessie Andrews–the first female student (and teacher!) at UT back in the 1880s. So you could say Longhorn pride is in her blood (along with a high percentage of alcohol from all the tailgating)! Amber spends her days on campus wearing ALL burnt orange and throwing out a Texas-sized ton of ‘Hook ‘Em, Horns’ pride!

Tyson Dhye

Tyson “Ty” Dhye was born in Canada. His father was an American Indian, and his mother was a woman from Africa who had moved to Quebec for an easier life in the early 70s. Which makes Tyson… you guessed it: Adopted. Born in the early 1980s, Tyson feels like he missed out on the best generation, and is doing everything he can to bring back Peace, Love, and Rock & Roll. So far, he isn’t doing so well, and this may be due to people confusing him for some kind of pirate.

Tyson was drawn to the city of Austin due to a deep spiritual connection that goes beyond the physical realm. He claims that he can hear the very soul of the city speak to him; that he loves this city and isn’t afraid to show it. (Though the last time he tried, the city said: “Not today Tyson, I have a headache”). Whether any of that is true or not is hard to say. What is true for sure is that Tyson is a fan of music, is currently seeking a beer that he can call his ‘favorite’, and thinks that meeting new people is positively groovy.

The Wizard of AUS

Meagan can be found behind the curtain, masterminding the takeover of Austin with our wild and weird Twisted Texas Tours. Having perfected the art of answering a phone, jotting down brief messages, and typing during her stint as an undercover secretary in the Kremlin, Meagan holds the keys to your reservations and all of our future happiness. And yes, she will grant you a free wish, as long as it’s for a brain, a heart, or a quick transport back to Kansas.