Allergies & Dietary Restrictions: What You Need To Know - Twisted Texas

Hi There!  If you’re taking a food tour with Twisted Texas and have allergy/dietary needs, you’re probably curious how that works.  Here’s all you need to know, what we can do, what we can’t, and what that means for your experience.

Ultimately, please remember that while we do everything we can to make your tour experience the best it can be, YOU are responsible for your own health.  Please take all necessary precautions if you have a severe food allergy, just as you would if you were dining off-tour.  Twisted Texas Tour is not responsible for food allergies & dietary restrictions.

First things first:

  • We cannot accommodate what we do not know about.  If you need special food accommodations, please include it in your booking or email us ASAP at  We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for special food needs.
  • We make every effort to accommodate every diet.  However, many of our vendors specialize in one thing so we are a bit limited on options.  We will do our best to find a replacement (sometimes doubling at a stop) so that you still receive the same amount of food as you were expecting.
  • If you have extensive dietary needs, your tour experience will be very different than our normal experience.  We promise you will still have a good time, but we just want to make you aware!


  • No problem!  All of our food tours (with the exception of the BBQ tours) can be made vegetarian.  The majority of our stops offer a vegetarian option, so you will typically receive a food item at each stop similar to the normal tour tastings
  • Please note that the majority of our stops do serve meat


  • The Brunch Bus:  Vegan options are not currently available at any of our stops. You will receive a partial refund on your ticket to offset the lack of food items available. All drinks included are vegan friendly.
  • Way Out Austin Food Tour:  Vegan options are not available at the majority of our stops.  We do not recommend this tour if you are a vegan, or we recommend eating beforehand/bringing your own food
  • The ‘704 Boozy Brunch Walk:  Vegan options are not currently available at any of our stops
  • BBQ Tours:  No vegan options available


  • The Brunch Bus:  GF options are available at the majority of our stops, so you will receive a full brunch
  • Way Out Austin Food Tour: GF options are available at the majority of our stops, so you will receive a full meal
  • The ‘704 Boozy Brunch Walk: GF options are available at the majority of our stops, so you will receive a full brunch
  • BBQ Tours:  Mostly GF, but we do not recommend the Austin version of the Wild About Texas BBQ as many of those tastings do not have GF options
  • Most breweries do not have GF beer/drink options


  • Nut allergies:  The majority of our food items do not include nuts/seeds, so we are always able to provide nut-free dishes.
    • **Special Note:**:  Many of our vendors do use nuts in their kitchens, so while your food item does not have nuts it may have been produced in an environment with nuts.  Please take necessary precautions just as you would if you were dining off-tour, speaking to the restaurants upon arrival about your needs and to determine if you should eat the food.
  • Dairy:  We are able to provide meals/food tastings that do not include cheese at all of our stops.  However some stops do have dairy baked into things, such as pastries, so you may not be able to eat those dishes depending on your sensitivity. If we are unable to provide a completely dairy-free option at one stop, we will double up on a 100% dairy-free option at another stop.
  • Shellfish/Fish:  None of our tours include seafood
  • Other allergies:  Usually able to accommodate, so if you’re allergic to cilantro, pineapple, banana, or anything in between just let us know and we will do what we can!