Breakfast Tacos in Austin = Life - Twisted Texas

In Austin, tacos are our livelihood.  They can, and should, be consumed 3 meals a day.  There are over 200 taco trucks in Austin.  Most people have had your typical beef taco or maybe even the chicken fajita.  But you cannot visit Austin without having a breakfast taco.  We humbly call ourselves the Breakfast Taco Capital of the World.

Why do we love our breakfast tacos so much?  I suppose it begins with the laid back attitude of the taco.  You can order them almost anywhere, from coffee shops to food trucks.  They come out quickly, after all, the cost of living in Austin is rising rapidly and we’ve all got to make that paper!  You can eat them on the go, in your car, at the bar…no one minds if you bring them to work as long as you bring enough for all.

And then there are the ingredients.  The basic breakfast taco consists of eggs (huevos), cheese, and either potato, sausage, bacon, or chorizo.  But we are a town full of foodies, and we never stop at the basics.  You can order a taco with avocado, cactus, black beans, beef tongue, spinach…and the list goes on.

Where can you indulge in one of these delightful delicacies?  Almost anywhere.  The surest way to start a fight between normally peaceful Austinites is to ask them where you can find the best breakfast tacos.  Everyone has a favorite.  Some opt for long-standing institutions like Cisco’s, Joe’s Bakery, or Tamale House.  Others go for the fun factor, indulging in Juan in a Million’s giant breakfast taco or dining under the giant statue at Maria’s Taco Xpress.  Some swear by Torchy’s or Tacodeli with their easy availability in multiple locations.

The verdict is, you will just have to try them all and decide for yourself.  Happy tacoing!