Living Your Best Life: The Perfect Day in Austin, Texas - Twisted Texas

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Only have a day or two to party and play in Austin, Texas??? That’s unfortunate. Then again, as an Austin local we’re super stoked that you’re visiting, but we definitely don’t want you to stay too long. Don’t move here. Please. We’re changing the population signs to ‘full’ as our rent skyrockets and our beloved local eateries are on a 3-day wait to get a cocktail.BUT we do want you to have an awesome time while you’re here. So here’s our local tips and tricks for squeezing every drop of life and love out of our beautiful city in The. Perfect. Day.

Group of friends strike a silly and festive pose in front of a decorated school bus

Early Morning:

Everyone has a different vacation internal clock, but if you can roll yourself out of bed at a decent hour it’s time to hit the trail. You will find anyone and everyone out on the Barton Creek Greenbelt. We eat a lot, we drink a lot, so then we gotta sweat it out. Plus our city’s freaking beautiful so we like to take advantage of that.

Pro Tip: Start at the trailhead by TacoDeli—Spyglass. Perfect for a pre-hike or post-hike breakfast taco snack (don’t skip on the Dona Sauce!). Also great for coffee, fresh juices, and agua fresca.

plate covered in skewers of fried chicken chunks and waffle squares with dusting of powdered sugar and blueberries


It’s time to get your eat and drink on. Do Austin’s favorite meal of the day right on the Twisted Texas Brunch Bus. A live band plays on board the bus as you cruise to three delicious local brunch joints. Food + Adult Beverages served at each stop = 1 Big Brunch. Tours run 10am – 1pm or 11am – 2pm.

large group of people spread across 3 light boats either raising a drink or waving at the camera


You’re fed, you’re tipsy, you’re ready to party. Depending on when you’re in Austin, it’s also probably hotter than the Devil’s bathtub. Hit the water for a much deserved chill out. Rent a pontoon boat from Float On Boat Rentals and spend the afternoon on Lake Austin or Lake Travis.

Pro Tip: Everyone always fights for the early morning timeslots on the lake. Locals be like WTF. The party doesn’t heat up until the hangovers have worn off…afternoon is where it’s at!


While there are countless pricey places you can make a reservation for that of course are awesome, after a big day in the sun and perhaps having too much fun, we suggest keeping it low-key (which is how Austin is done best anyways) for your post-lake plans. Hit up some of our favorite food truck parks for casual eats, no reservations required. No dress code either, and the trucks are all BYOB. We recommend the trailer parks on Rainey Street or East Sixth as those are easy walking distance to nightlife options.

hat-wearing guitar player singing into microphone with a smiling back-up singer


Two ways to go about this one. One, bar-hopping. Skip across the street from your food trucks to hit up our favorite bars on Rainey (Lustre Pearl, Craft Pride, Lucille) or the East Side (White Horse, Whislers, Liberty Bar). Or two, follow the tunes. Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World so it would be a crying shame to not hear some soul soaring performances while you’re here. Note to you, Sixth Street is usually not the place to make this happen unless you want some average cover music. Get off the main tourist track and explore local dives like the Sahara Lounge, Elephant Room, C-Boys, Saxon Pub, and so many more!

Pro Tip: If you’re wanting to hit the ‘easy’ button on the live music search, hop on the Live Music Experience tour.