Tips & Tricks for Group Bookings with Twisted Texas Tour - Twisted Texas

Booking for a group?  Read me first!

We know planning for a group can be tough.  We’ve seen a LOT of groups over the years…bachelorettes, bachelors, birthdays, company parties, you name it!  And while they all come with their own unique outfits, party mantras, and favorite singalongs, we’ve seen a lot of the same questions pop up.  The answers help decide if your group a success versus on the struggle bus.  And nothing should put you on the struggle bus but a wild night out the night before! 🙂

So here’s a few SUPER important tips and tricks for group bookings:  

  1. DO book your group together as one reservation.  It lets you (and us) know each member of your party is booked on the right day/time/tour, that everyone has a ticket, and helps us get everyone seated together on the bus. 
  2. DO book for the maximum number of guests you are expecting.  This is not a magic school bus!  We do sell out, sometimes months in advance, and the bus does not grow in size even if your party does.  We are happy to issue refunds for extra guests within our cancellation window if your numbers change (up to 48 hours prior for our public tours).
  3. DO send every single person in your group a link to our pre-tour questionnaire and waiver ASAP.  Like right this minute!  Let them know it is super important they fill it out.  This tells us who has food allergies and dietary restrictions, and if we don’t have advance notice we cannot accommodate them.  Friends don’t let friends go hungry.
  4. DO book your reservation as soon as you know when you’re visiting us.  We get lots of large parties so even if the bus is wide open one day, it only takes a few bookings to sell out.  We also HIGHLY recommend double checking your confirmation email to make sure you booked for the right day, month, and time (we’ve seen it all!).  Double, triple, quadruple check!

And a few Do-Nots:

  1. DO NOT assume everyone in your group is as organized and on top of things as you are.  Remember that super important pre-tour questionnaire?  Send them reminders to fill it out!  If you didn’t take our advice and book your group on one reservation, you’ll also want to follow-up with everyone to make sure they actually booked their ticket.  There is always one Forgetful Francie who procrastinates buying her ticket and then can’t get on the bus. 
  2. DO NOT show up late.  We love you, but we won’t wait on you.  The bus rolls out at the start time listed on your ticket.  Get there early as recommended so that you have a little extra time in case of traffic, Uber delays, or check-in issues.
  3. DO NOT ignore emails and texts from us.  We send out updates about special events that may cause traffic delays, changes to start times/locations (rare but it happens), and other important stuff.  If you’re getting an email from us, give it a looksy before pressing delete.  And if you haven’t received any emails from us (like a confirmation and receipt) first check your spam/promotions folder, and if you still find nothing, get in touch with us because that’s not supposed to happen.