The Magic of Voodoo Doughnut in Austin, TX | Twisted Texas Tour

This Halloween Voodoo Doughnut ( began haunting E. Sixth Street in Austin, TX with its sixth location worldwide. Known for outrageous doughnuts and an edgy personality, Voodoo is a little bit weird as far as doughnut shops go. Definitely not the place your grandpa sat to read the paper and talk about the weather with other overall-clad men. So basically…we think they’re going to fit in just fine here in Austin.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Little History…

Voodoo Doughnut was opened by two friends, “Cat Daddy” Pogson and Tres Shannon, who simply wanted to start a business together. They knew nothing about making doughnuts. But they figured, how hard could it be? Which is, we are certain, the unofficial mantra of most Austin start-ups. So they began their careers in doughnut-making. Shockingly, these two doughnut novices hit it out of the park. Voodoo Doughnut has been featured on TV shows, top-ranked on websites, and they have opened stores as far away as Japan.

Cat Daddy and Tres gave Voodoo Doughnut a persona like no other. The sky was the limit. Especially when it came to creating new doughnuts. At one point, they made doughnuts containing Nyquil or Pepto Bismol. Probably saw Mary Poppins sing “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down” one too many times. The customers loved it. The FDA, however, was not impressed with their unique method of administering medication. Turns out it was slightly illegal. But the spirit of individuality remains.

About the Place…

  1. They are open 24/7. So you can have doughnuts anytime and anyday your stomach desires. The line in Portland is often longest around 3am. Then again, Portland doesn’t have 24 Diner.
  2. You can get married at Voodoo Doughnut. Even as the cost of living in Austin skyrockets, you can now tie the knot for the affordable low price of $150. That gets you married beneath the Holy Doughnut. And coffee and doughnuts for the lucky couple pluys 10 of their closest friends and family. Quite the bargain.
  3. The Portland location offers free Swahili lessons once a week. While there has been little demand for learning a Southeast African language in Texas thus far, we are hopeful that they will continue this tradition at their Austin location.
We put together a few helpful phrases to get everyone started:

Austin English Swahili Translation
“I would like two breakfast tacos.” “Napenda mbili kifungua kinywa tacos.”
“Do you have Shiner beer?” “Je, una Shiner bia?”
“Hipsters” “Hipsters”
  1. They only accept cash. The doughnut demons also like tips.
  2. Save some of that cash for swag. Featuring t-shirts with slogans including “Good Things Come in Pink Boxes” and “The Magic is in the Hole”, Voodoo’s subtlely scandalous merchandise makes for great gifts. You can get those classy taglines and more on hats, mugs, and women’s underwear. Our favorite is a shirt showing a Franklin’s-esque line with the phrase “It’s Worth the Weight”.

Doughnuts not to miss…

Maple Bacon Bar: it shouldn’t go together but it absolutely does. You haven’t lived until you have had bacon on a doughnut.

Tex-Ass Doughnut: a Texas-sized doughnut that is often featured in doughnut eating competitions at their Oregon locations. They did not invent this doughnut for their Austin store opening. Although we are crossing our fingers for an original Austin doughnut soon.

Voodoo Doll: the doughnut of revenge. A voodoo doll-shaped doughnut iced with a frightening face. It comes with a pretzel stick to do some “voodoo” on your nemesis (ex-boyfriend, mother-in-law, person responsible for the construction on Mopac…). Beware the raspberry “blood” filling…

Maple Bacon Blunt: you’re welcome Willie.